Everyday Wonder: from Kansas to Kenya, from Ecuador to Ethiopia

Kaze Gadway and I have published Everyday Wonder, from Kansas to Kenya – from Ecuador to Ethiopia.

The short stories in Everyday Wonder are reflections on every day moments in the midst of ordinary life that reveal the sacred. The holy engulfs us all the time through we tend not to recognize it.

The two of us reflected on things we could not name; times when life turned us up and down. We pondered phrases like “a god thing happened,” or “I was on holy ground.” Sometimes we called each other just to say, “Something strange just happened.”

As we reached our fifth decade of friendship, we looked at events that have transformed us. Sharing stories about everyday events has been a mode of building relationships since humans first gathered around the village fire. We have looked at events that have transformed our understanding of who we are and what our lives are about, and decided to share some of these stories.

Life happens – sometimes ordinary or beautiful, sometimes ugly. We have noticed that in the hurly-burly rush of life many have no language to name these happenings.  Sometimes in commonplace moments something happens which turns us upside down.  A word about life breaks into our pretenses, shatters our dreams and gives us a different way of seeing. Is this the holy revealing itself?

This book is available at Amazon.com.

Everyday Wonder: from Kansas to Kenya, from Ecuador to Ethiopia

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