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Celebrating with Creole

December 29 I celebrate my third evening of family dining with my second grandson and his family. We drive to downtown St. Paul and Jeffrey says, "We are going to Brasa, the city's top-pick of kid-friendly restaurants."  We pull into the parking lot and see the...

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A Magical Christmas Evening

As we turn off the freeway into downtown St. Paul the magic of lights twinkle before our eyes. Ben pulls into the first spot of street parking across the street from the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts and exclaims, "Rock Star parking." Seeing the Ordway on our...

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Unique Times Celebrating Christmas

My unusual Christmas gift to myself this year involves three separate family dinner events. Three family households live in the snowy north of Minnesota: son Ben and his wife Tina, grandson Marcel, his wife Phaedra plus Zander and Izzy, and grandson Jeffrey, his wife...

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Eighty-five Years of Adventure

As an author, I experience that one of the hardest moments of working on a book is deciding the title. Maybe that comes easily for some folks, but I always struggle with that task. Several years before his death, Rodney Wilson began work on his life story. Many bits...

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Expect the Unexpected

Isn't it strange how the most unexpected happens when we least expect it?  My TV remote recently demanded four new AA batteries. Finding only one AA in my battery drawer, I call my friend Peggy down the hall. Yes, she has batteries and will give them to me. This...

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Kansas City Art Institute Parents’ Day

What a privilege to visit an exciting, fascinating school yesterday. Mary, my daughter, invited me to join her for Foundation (that's the freshmen) students Parents' Day. The morning began in Vanderslice Hall of the Kansas City Art Insitute with a continental...

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