Priscilla’s World

Where We Live

It occurred to me recently that we all live on one small blue marble traveling through the space of the universe. Some days I forget that fact and think I'm just located in Prairie Village Kansas. Not! Who was the writer a few years ago who explained our impact on the...

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Life is an Ongoing Journey

I sit at 31,000 ft. looking out the window of a Boeing 737 aircraft. All I see are wisps of white cloud patches miles below me. Their scalloped puffy surfaces look like welcome mats to bounce across. We’re flying home after two weeks of watching a perpetually changing...

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The Snowy Christmas

The Christmas of the big snow! Who can forget it? Presents and turkey took a back seat that year of 1967. We board the Santa Fe’s Texas Chief in Chicago and wake the next morning in Kansas. A world in dazzling white greets us. As we leave the train we exclaim, “Where...

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Birding and Priscilla

Priscilla and I arrange to meet in Phoenix. She skips a meeting and suggests we go birding in the Tuscon region. “Sure,” I say, not very interested. or knowledgeable about birds. We stay someplace where desert birds abound. Priscilla loans me binoculars and advises me...

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Discovering the Amazing Black Hoof Park

An afternoon appointment in Lawrence means a time to do some exploring on the way there. Black Hoof Park has been mentioned as an interesting spot. Exploring on the internet, I discover where this park is. My internet hunt leads me to the west end of Lenexa...perfect...

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Sitting on the Deck

To sit on Ben and Tina's deck is magic at any hour of the day. Such a wide expanse of grass, trees, shrubs and flowers. And across the wire fence looms the woods. Birds of all kinds pop in and out of the yard from the woods with seven feeders of various kinds calling...

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