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Advent of the Automobile

I am now eighty-nine years old and dread the day my car is taken from me. So far my health is good so I may have some time yet. But that thought lurks in the back of my mind. All my family has loved cars since they were invented. It was 1908 when our family bought our...

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The Joys of Autumn

I think that every year that Rodney and I were together...five years dating and fifty-nine years of marriage ... we exclaimed how much we loved fall. Mostly it was the colors of the trees, but in many ways  just the feel of the air overwhelmed us. I went for...

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Autumn Days

The windows of my apartment look out over the Courtyard. There is only one real problem of living in this retirement community -- there just aren't any birds to look at in our Courtyard. But this morning when I looked out my bedroom window I was stunned to see so many...

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Traveling Across the Pacific

In January 1983 Lyn Mathews, the wife of the Dean of the Institute of Cultural Affairs asks me to go to the Kingdom of Tonga in the Pacific to participate in the Pacific Training School. I pause for a minute, ask her a couple of questions and then say, “Yes.” I want...

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The Wonder of Childhood

Smooth roads, bumpy holes, rocks in the middle of the road and straight, unspectacular paths guide me for eight decades.  How do I talk about faith in my life? I have lived a long time and I want to pause and think about that. It all began long ago, in March 1931....

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Happy New Year – 2018

Wishing a Merry Christmas and a great New Year has set my mind to spinning. Sixty-four years since my first date request from Rodney Wilson. That was to go out for a hamburger after operetta rehearsal on Wednesday night. He didn’t know that mid-week nights were off...

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